Assessment & Testing

It is important that every child participate in the standardized testing identified by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). Testing data allows instructors to identify how best to meet a child’s educational needs.

How does ISD 319 use data from the MCAs or other standardized tests?
The District uses the data to measure student performance against standards set by MDE. MDE has created a set of academic standards for each grade level.

How does it benefit students?
Standardized testing shows us where students are doing well, and allows teachers to replicate the methods used to teach those subjects. It also shows where students may need improvement and allows schools to adjust instruction in that area.

Where can I learn more about the MCAs or other standardized test used in our schools?
MDE has a comprehensive 
website of testing information for parents. If, after reviewing the information from MDE, you would like to opt-out of testing for your student, please complete the form located at Parent/Guardian Participation Guide and Refusal Information.

District 319 uses a variety of assessment tools to measure student growth, including Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, STAR, and locally developed assessments. Included to your left are links to the Elementary Assessment Schedule and the District 319 Testing Schedule.

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) are state tests in mathematics, reading and science that meet the requirements of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). They are given every year to measure student performance against the Minnesota Academic Standards that specify what students in a particular grade should know and be able to do.