From the NKHS Student Council: Virtual Spirit Week!!

From the NKHS Student Council: 

Monday: Most Creative Quarantine Clothes/Pajama  - post a picture of yourself in your most creative outfit wearing what you can find in your house or a pic of your cutest or strangest pajamas.
Tuesday: Chalk Drawing or Picture of any drawing (if they don't have chalk) - post a picture of your sidewalk/driveway with a drawing you created or if you don't have chalk, draw it on paper and send in a picture.
Wednesday: Someone/Something You Love - Post a picture of you and the people or things that are your favorites.
Thursday: Outdoor Activity - Post a picture of you doing one of your favorite outdoor activities (can be current or something you have done in the past).
Friday: School Spirit - Dress in Spartan gear! Post a picture of yourself in your Spartan gear. Bonus points for getting the rest of the family (including pets) dressed up and in the picture. 

Email or text your photos to Mrs. Seykora (218-969-7778)

Thank you to Mrs. Noonan and the Student Council for keeping the Spartan Spirit Strong during COVID-19 school shutdown.