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Dr. Rae Villebrun
Superintendent/K-6 Principal
218-885-1280 X51234
Michele Nelson
Administrative Assistant/MARSS Specialist
Elementary Office
218-885-1280 x51151
Max Torgerson
High School Principal
218-885-1280 x51101
Melody Lueders
Administrative Assistant/MARSS Coordinator
High School Office
218-885-1280 x51102
Colleen Poderzay
HR / Payroll / Superintendent Assistant
District Office
218-885-1280 x51235
Denise Wahlgren
Business Manager
District Office
218-885-1280 x51236
Luke Adam
High School Teacher
218-885-1280 x51110
Alena Baker
Preschool Room 2
Invest Early
218-885-1280 x52102
Tim Bishop
Elementary Special Education
218-885-1280 x51170
Ben Black
Truancy Prevention Specialist
218-885-1280 x51125
Monica Bonderson
Kitchen Services
Shona Brohman
Elementary Paraprofessional
218-885-1280 x51200
Toshina Brons
High School Paraprofessional
218-885-1280 X51173
Carolyn Carpenter
Elementary Teacher
2nd Grade
218-885-1280 x51156
Michele Carrigan
Indian Education/High School Teacher
Indian Education
218-885-1280 x51112
Steve Clouse
High School Teacher
Industrial Arts
218-885-1280 x51117
Gina Cline
NK Invest Early
Ione Cline
NK Invest Early
Kaylee Cline
Elementary Teacher
2nd Grade
218-885-1280 x51164
Denise Clusiau
Elementary Teacher
218-885-1280 x51161